Add texture and durability to your concrete flooring!

The Quartz Concrete Coating System by Garage Force is a super durable concrete coating that offers extreme abrasion resistance and a rough texture that conforms to all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) slip requirements. This makes it the ideal concrete coating system for restaurants, gyms, and auto shops.

The quartz system is a triple-layer system that begins with the color base coat — choose from 11 great options — of our polyurea coating. Colored quartz granules are added to provide texture and extreme durability. Finally, an anti-slip clear top coat is added to seal the granules in and provide a surface that requires little maintenance. The quartz system is resistant to wear by chemicals and heavy traffic.

Benefits of the Medici Polyurea Color Coating System:

  • OSHA-Approved Anti-Slip Texturing
  • Extreme Durability — Resistant to Wear and Chemical Erosion
  • Quick Cure Time — Decreased Downtime

The Quartz Concrete Coating System by Garage Force is what you’ve been looking for. Find a Garage Force location near you for your free estimate. Contact us to schedule your one-day installation today!

Colors Available