Clearly, colorful concrete flooring protection!

The Solid Color Concrete Coating System by Garage Force is an incredibly durable flooring option that provides rich, vibrant colors. This direct-to-concrete coating system is made of SLE-100 cyclo-aliphatic hybrid properties. The makeup of this coating system allows it to be allied in a single coat that cures in less than a day. The self-leveling properties make this the perfect flooring option for heavily damaged floors, allowing it to fill in gaps caused by concrete cracking, spalling, or flaking.

Benefits of the Solid Color System:

  • Anti-Slip With a Smooth Finish
  • Virtually Odorless
  • Quick Cure Time — Reduces Downtime

More than just a colorful flooring option, the solid concrete coating systems from Garage Force can withstand heavy traffic and chemical exposure without chipping or fading. Contact us for a free price quote and to schedule your concrete coating installation today.

Colors Available