Home renovations aren’t just a thing for new homeowners. In fact, a little over 60 percent of US homeowners have plans for a renovation in the near future.

Once you move beyond the standard options of bathrooms, kitchens, and the recently popular choice of a home office, what’s left? Many homeowners look at their garage and see a music studio or home gym.

If you want to keep your garage as a garage, only better, adding a coating to garage floors is a great option. Keep reading for the best garage floor coatings you can choose from.


The first option that springs to most minds is epoxy coatings. Epoxy is typically a two-part system made up of a resin material and a hardening agent.

The epoxy gets effectively painted onto the floor where it hardens over the concrete. This provides some chemical protection for the concrete. A useful feature for the dedicated home mechanic.

Disadvantages of Epoxy

While epoxy can help protect your garage’s concrete floor, it’s not without its problems. Epoxy is notoriously finicky when it comes to moisture. It often won’t adhere properly if there is too much moisture in the garage.

Once the epoxy hardens, it becomes very inflexible. That makes it prone to chipping and cracking. For example, you often see chips after someone drops a heavy tool.

UV light can make epoxy flooring yellow over time. That’s a problem for anyone who likes to work with their garage doors open.

During and even after application, there is a strong smell that many homeowners dislike. Depending on the exact flooring you get, epoxy can also prove slippery when exposed to oil or water.

Polyurea Coatings

The other main option for garage floor coatings is polyurea coatings, such as Garage Force floor treatments.

Polyurea coatings offer many of the same benefits as epoxy, such as chemical resistance, but it avoids some of the worst pitfalls.

For example, polyurea coatings retain some flexibility after application. That allows them to move with the natural expansion and contraction of the floor. You don’t typically see the same kinds of chipping and cracking.

With the right floor coating, you also avoid the strong odors you get with epoxy. Plus, polyurea coatings are typically UV-resistant.

Garage Force also offers several options for different effects, such as a Full Chip System, Metallic Polyurea Color Coating System, and its Medici System.

Picking the Best Garage Floor Coatings

Picking the best garage floor coatings is about priorities. If you judge based solely on immediate cost, epoxy typically wins out.

If you base the choice on the overall range of benefits, polyurea coatings win out on most other measures. They typically show better durability to impacts with less chipping and cracking.

You get UV resistance that lets you avoid yellowing. Plus, you can take a pass on those strong odors during installation.

Garage Force specializes in polyurea garage floor coatings in the Fort Collins area. For more information or to schedule an appointment, Contact Garage Force today.