A clean garage can help you stay organized, protect your car, and serve as a storage space for your seasonal items. So why are over a quarter of our garages so stuffed we can’t even park a car in them?

It’s easy to shut the door on our cluttered garages and try to ignore them. Eventually, the problem spills over, and can even cause fights with your family members.

Clear the calendar because we’re giving you a great weekend project. Keep the peace, store your stuff, and even boost the value of your home with our guide on how to clean a dirty garage floor.

The Method

You need a plan in place before you tackle this task. We’re going to break down exactly what you need to do to get that garage floor sparkling.

First, you’re going to clear the floor. Next, you’re going to sweep any debris and dirt out.

Next, you’re going to give a deep clean and deal with any stains. Finally, you’re going to buff your floor.

Start by working from the back of the garage to the front. That way, you can ensure any runoff or water goes out instead of lingers by the door to your house.


Just like you need a plan, you need a checklist of items you need to clean the dirty garage floor. Gather these things before you begin:

  • Broom and dustpan
  • Mop and bucket
  • Scrub brush
  • Olive oil-based soap
  • Powdered detergent
  • Kitty litter

Try to stay away from harsher chemicals, like bleach and ammonia, which can damage your floor. If you find a commercial garage floor cleaner you prefer, you can go with that too.

How to Clean a Dirty Garage Floor

After you’ve cleared out the floor, it’s time to sweep away all of the dust that’s sitting on top of it. After that, get ready to give your floor a deep clean.

Create a cleaning and degreasing solution. You can mix your olive oil-based soap or commercial cleaner in a bucket of hot water and start mopping.

For any stubborn stain, sprinkle powdered detergent or even baking soda on the spot, dip your scrub brush into plain hot water, and start scrubbing. If any oil or grease has seeped into your floor, try soaking it up with some kitty litter.

Finish up by rinsing the garage and allowing it to dry. If necessary, buff your floor for a clean, glossy shine.

Enjoy Your Sparkling Garage Floor

You don’t have to get fancy and bring in a pressure washer unless you feel like it. All you need to learn how to clean a dirty garage floor is a few basic cleaning items, hot water and soap, and some elbow grease.

Once you’re finished, you’ll enjoy looking at your sparkling clean garage floor. It might take a weekend to get it right, but it’s so worth it.

We are all about beautiful, shining garage floors. You can achieve that glossy look with our concrete coating technique which is resistant to stains, pitting, chipping, and more.

Want to learn more? Reach out to us today and we’ll answer all of your questions!