More than half of American housing units have a garage or carport. While convenient, garage floorings tend to deteriorate fast. Why?

A garage floor has to withstand the impact of heavy vehicles regularly. This weight has the potential to crack the concrete surface often used for garages. Add the heavy foot traffic a garage is likely to see, and it’s no wonder the flooring becomes damaged.

The good news is choosing the right garage floor coating can extend the usable life of your garage. But how can you find the best garage floor coating? Continue reading to learn four things you need to consider when making your decision.

1. Do You Like the Look of the Coating?

Aesthetics are important when choosing the best garage floor coating. You want to ensure the coating is something you’ll enjoy looking at for years to come. Browse images online to see what results can be expected from each kind of coating.

2. Does the Manufacturer Have a Positive Reputation?

Not all garage floor coatings are created equally. Some manufacturers provide higher quality materials than others. When it comes to floor coatings, it’s better to pay extra for a higher quality material because your garage floor sees a lot of use.

A search online can give you an idea of a manufacturer’s reputation. Look for online reviews to see what others had to say about their finished results using the company’s floor coatings. Avoid manufacturers with primarily negative reviews.

3. Is the Garage Floor Coating Durable?

Your garage floor needs to withstand the weight of heavy vehicles, both when they’re stationary and moving. The floor will also see a lot of foot traffic, bicycles, motorcycles, and more. This means you need a floor coating that’s durable and long-lasting.

A durable garage floor coating will protect your investments, both the floor itself and the cost of the coating. It’ll keep your flooring free of cracks, stains, dents, and other potentially harmful imperfections.

4. Is It Resistant to Chemicals?

Your garage floor has the potential to see a lot of chemicals. The vehicles parked in your garage can leak fluids at any time, whether it’s a few drops or an expansive puddle. Motor oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, and gasoline are only a few examples of potential chemicals that could make it to your flooring.

You need a coating that will stop these chemicals from seeping into your concrete, where they can leave unsightly stains. By resisting seepage, a chemically resistant flooring will also make cleanup easier.

Do You Have More Questions About Finding the Best Garage Floor Coating?

Finding the best coating for your garage floor takes significant consideration. You need to find something that will protect your floor and make your life easier at the same time. It’s also important to choose something you’ll enjoy looking at for years to come.

Do you have more questions about finding the best garage floor coating? Or would you like to see what our specialized coating looks like after application?

Contact us today. One of our associates would be happy to answer any questions you still have. You can also check out our gallery online to see our unique coating at work.