There’s nothing better than getting outside and enjoying the fresh air. Extending your living space to your backyard and patio not only adds value to your home but creates a space you can gather with your family.

Getting young kids outside allows them to get exercise and explore their imagination. These patio and backyard designs are ideal for families with young children.

1. Clubhouse in the Trees

What kid doesn’t want their own retreat in the trees? A tree clubhouse is a great way for young children to explore and use their imagination. Kids love to climb, swing, and run and an elevated clubhouse allows for all of those activities.

Not only can it be a space where kids can hang out, but there can also be attachments for play as well. Tire swings, rock climbing walls, and slides all make the ultimate hang out space.

2. Pollinator Garden

Allow your children to get up close and personal with nature by planting a pollinator garden. This bit of landscaping will benefit your backyard by adding beauty, a place of backyard discovery, and helping pollinators like butterflies and bees.

This is a great opportunity for education and teaching children about the environment. Kids can have fun identifying plants, bugs, and birds that visit your little ecosystem.

3. Family Dinner Area

Cooking and eating outside is one of the best parts of having a backyard and patio space. Create a dedicated area to cook and eat and get the children involved in the process. Think of the backyard BBQ you can have, showing off the new patio.

Coating the concrete on your patio can make your outdoor space more durable, which can stand up to families with young kids.

Polyurea is great for families with a busy schedule since it cures quickly, allowing you to get back outside much faster. It also resists moisture and damage from UV light, so it’s the perfect low maintenance and family-friendly option.

4. Art Inspiration

Get your kids to express themselves with an art area outside. Let the view from your backyard inspire new drawings and paintings. Create a dedicated area where your children can use paints, chalk, and dyes.

Outside, the cleanup will be much easier, and there won’t be anymore spilled paint on the carpets. Challenge the kids to paint what they see outside or explore new methods and mediums in their art.

Splatter and pendulum painting and tie-dye are great outdoor art activities.

The Best Patio and Backyard Designs

Spending time outside is on every family’s list. Having an area where young children can explore, boost their imagination, and have quality family time is important. These patio and backyard designs will have everyone wanting to be outside.

You don’t have to have a lot of land to turn your backyard into a gathering space for your family. You have to have a little creativity and a willingness to explore.

Looking to transform your patio space? Allow us to assist you in creating an outdoor area you’ll love.